Reliable hosting providers with Secure SSL Certificates?

120 gbs of disk space, Linux. + Secure SSL Certificate.
After searching in google I discovered: hosting accounts.
They seem to be good by I wonder if they are the only providers? Should I stop or continue the search?
I like web hosting service. Support, has never failed me, always left with a problem solved.
Overall if you’re not completely satisfied with them, you’re not going to be happy anywhere else.
In order to compete in the market, most web hosting companies are already offering affordable web site hosting plan. As a matter of fact, one can right away find quality affordable web site hosting plan or packages in the internet in just a matter of few minutes.

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#4 and are worth your attention.
They are very well executed hosting companies. If you are technical, they can help, if you are not technical, they can help!
#5 had impressed me so much over the past 4 months that I gave up my server hosting account and use them exclusively.
Customer service is second to none. All my support requests are handled under 5 minutes.
Plans from and are worth your attention.
Truth be told, the speed is amazing! They have very great support and amazing services with very fast reply from Monday to Sunday.
Try VPS hosting. I can express the point that it is a very fair and honest host.
They offer fast hosting, that always online. They don't offer as much as some other unrealistic hosts - but what they offer they deliver.
Deals from and are worth trying.
They are great in all aspects!
1. Speed is very good. Tested on pingdom and found load time is 3s without cache .
2. Live chat support is ok.
3.Ticket response is sometimes quick and slow depending on work time I think.
4. Uptime is good.

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