Sales letter copied and edited in bad faith

As most of you know, I own the sales letter at:
The Domain Ebook: Learn to sell domains & other secrets of the domain industy

Well look at what I ran into:
The Secret to Domain Wealth - Cash Dynamic

They basically copied my site, INCLUDING THE PROOF screenshot. Not only do I doubt that they have a product to sell, but that is copyright infringment.

What are you going to do about it?? I mean, besides being really angry? Is there any step or any kind of thing you can do besides bad mouthing those people??? What can we do to help?
Yes it's very annoying.

The content is copyright. I have contacted my lawyer to get this sorted out.

zach Wrote:I have contacted my lawyer to get this sorted out.

That's what they're there for. Good luck trying to resolve this.

I really wonder if anyone bought from that site, though. IMHO it's got a lot of
reasons not to buy from there.
Looks like it's been rectified. Good!
I will tell you this. Anything with the Bank of Africa appears justly or unjustly like the Nigerian email scam.
Is there even a real "Bank of Africa"?

Knowing how the government there work, I wouldn't get involved with them!
People have no shame. This happens to my friend all the time on her plastic surgery sites, so much she does searches all the time to hunt for copying. Dont people think they can be original?

Zach, you need some legal letter templates!
Yes! maybe a threatining spell! LOL... I think something on the lines of: "If you use this material without authorization, my boots will find you and destroy ALL your data!"... I´d be scare to copy!!
Still I see all the copycat stuff all the time. People want that recognizable look to trick others into thinking it's the same. As it looks in this case many times it is a scam.

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