Sales letter copied and edited in bad faith
People slay me. I don't know how they think theya re smart enough to get away with a blatant copy and paste if they aren't smart enough to figure out how to write their own, or something different enough to not be plagiarsm!
There is much of it going on everyday. I call it hiding in plainsight.
WOW, what a scam! I just looked it over. I bet they have bought your E-Book and are reselling it like they wrote also. What can you really do about it?
Usually in these cases I'll just contact the webmaster and they'll take it down (so easy to catch content stealers).

If they don't I'll contact their hosting company and explain the situation.

So far that's fixed everything without legal threats or action.
I had this problem with informational CD-ROMs I created. Not only was someone trying to sell copies online from a website, they were trying to sell them on EBay. EBay was easy. Goone, poof. As they were the owner of the website, they refused. I had my attorney file against them AND the ISP. The website was down within 15 minutes of the morning mail being opened. The webmaster ended up paying at least three times what he made from selling the disks in attorney fees and sent me what he estimated he made from the disks.

He's still doing it, just not to me.
How much would the had to have altered to keep it from being plagiarism? I can't be all that much because many ideas get repeated all over the place!
Good for you, ACCER! A lot of people think that, on the Internet, there's no legal recourse, but copyright is copyright and you should protect yourself.

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