Search Engine Submission
i think now you need not submit your sites manually, SEs get them automatically once it is online
When more than 60% use google,
It is better to target only the best 3 Searchengines or directories.
People like to search than doing it manually.
Well I always use free Submitting website. I always use www when I sumbit my website in seach engine sites.
It is interesting to see how many approaches we get to solve the same problem! I think sharing here is definitely help me to learn so much! Thanks to all!
Well this is really great way to find different ways of our problems because people share best way here with us.
I agree with tcm9669.

I have a lot of sites that are indexed and crawled on a regular basis. If I launch a new site I use a link from an indexed site to send the robots over and index the new site.

Works very well and has saved me a lot of time. Most new sites are indexed within a few weeks.
true.... I do that too...

and to think that SEO companies will charge you a few hundred bucks for quick inclusion lol
Yeah ! I think SEO companies is best to improve your websites in search engines. We have to pay some bucks but we get back also.
If your site has not been listed on all the major search engines, then you should have them submitted to all the major search engines. Remember, a submission doesn't guarantee a listing and a listing doesn't guarantee a good ranking. But in order to get listed it is important to submit your site to a search engine.

The SubmitEdge team will submit your site to 200+ major search engines, but not to the thousands of Free for All (FFA) sites. Submitting to FFA sites can increase your chances of getting banned or penalized by search engines. You should also ask yourself this question: How many search engines have I used?

We at SubmitEdge submit only to quality search engines.


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I suggest you search on other methods too not just focus on search engines submissions.

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