Sedo Trademark complaint
So, what happened then? What are you supposed to do Zach? Are you sure the e-mail is legit? There are many questions about this! Hope all gets solved for your best interest!
Well, two things you can do to avoid this kind of situation is to read the fine
print and ask your provider questions.

Triumph actually gave the answer. Places like Sedo and Afternic have taken
such steps since then.

As always, be ready to look elsewhere if you feel your provider isn't doing
what you expect.
Still I would like to hear from Zach how this played out.
I would definately try to contact and make sure the email is even legit. So many messages are not legit, nowadays...I am curious, as well, how this is being played out.
Well I would respond by e-mail and phone. If there was some way of resolving the problem, then it didn't make that very clear in the e-mail.

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