Setting up Own PPC?
Hello everyone. Do anybody know how to go about setting up my own PPC? You know, just like setting up a system to allow advertiser place their bid for ads slot on my sites and/or domains.

The other day I bump into a tool called phpAdsNew, look pretty advance for me. It has a lot of feature and even advertisers can login to check their campaign too! So, anyone has experience in either running their own PPC campaign? or using phpAdsNew or similiar tools?
Interesting, I have never heard of this. Have you found anything out about it, yet?
Its not so hard if you know scripting languages I think.
But I dont know any script.
I am really interested in this if anyone can share some more info it would be Greatly appreciated.
Yes, I am intrested also. I have never heard of such a thing. Also what is script, and how do you <speak it>??? Thankx in advance, Echos
Surely someone on here must have information on this? Or maybe a link or direction to point our inquiring minds towards... Sounds like an innovative idea.
Sorry, I do not know enough about it to even know what to look for in a search.
I downloaded a copy of the ads software referenced above. I'll likely give it a try and see what I think... but whether or not it becomes an income generator is anybody's guess.
Penguinmama, keep us posted how it works out for you! I am interested to know but not brave enough to be the first here to try.
Hi guys,
Long time didn't drop by here. Tied down with several projects these few month. Sorry...

Oh ya, pertaining to the phpAdsNew, it has the User Guide, Administrator Guide, Mantainance Guide. I spend nearly 1week+ trying to digest all of it...but still no luck.

I have setup the phpAdsNew for testing, but just couldn't get it right. It is supposed to be pretty easy...if you could understand the whole thing on how it actually function & what it does.

Give it a shot.
PS :- If you have Fantastico function in your hosting account, you can use it to install phpAdsNew. That's the easier route that I took.

C ya

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