Short .cc
Does anybody buy short .cc domains?Smile
What do you mean by <short>? Are these little domains or just small in content? Thankx for the info in advance, Echos
are those 3 letter .cc.. if yes then i would be intrested in buying them..
Even I am buying ll or lll domains.
Let me know if anyone is selling here.
Hi i saw these ad here so i have joined this forum.

I sell Coming Soon! i think it's a brandable, short and easy to remember name.

Please pm me your offer or email me.

I promise you will get a message back.

Kind regards,

It's short name to remember and a good site too. Maybe you'll get a great offer so I wish you the best. This is a great place to be a member.
mtajim Wrote:are those 3 letter .cc.. if yes then i would be intrested in buying them..

RSD.CC would sell discuss partnership if someone is willing to monetize the domain.

So you just need someone to come up with the money? Then you'll be partners. So you can both benefit from owning the domain. It's like a marriage where you both have something to offer.

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