Should I sell?
I picked up a mall's name with dashes on it? Should I contact the mall's marketing department and resell it to them and say we saved it for them? Or should I just let it go?
depends on how popular that mall is, I guess. I think if they were looking for a website and wanted yours, they would contact you, right?
First find out if they already have a website, and then if they don't, you can offer the domain and perhaps they would work on it. I never heard of a Mall having a website, since the stores IN THE MALL are the ones that should have it. But who knows, maybe that would work.
Malls normally don't have them. The realty company that owns the mall will have a site for companies that may wish to rent store space from them. You need to find that site and compare.
All of the major shopping malls have their own websites ... there are hundreds if not thousands of them
The mall does have a website. I searched mine nearest to me. It came up on the computer. The website of the mall was a very nice and colorful. I haven't been on that before. I usually go to the stores website. My daughter uses the computer for on-line purchases from her favorite store. Guess what it is? "Hot Topic"
My local malls have websites and actually usually have their URLs posted up on billboards around the city so it would be worth checking to see if you can find one for the domain you bought and get into contact with someone to try to sell it. If they threaten you with anything regarding owning it you could always relinquish the rights to it then.
I agree, the malls in my area definitely have websites.

Do you think that even if they already have one, they may be interested in acquiring yours to redirect traffic that uses your spelling?
If the mall already has one, then they likely won't be interested in your hyphenated version. There's no harm in contacting them, though.
Well, what happened since then? Did you contact them? Did you sell? I'm curious to know what happens, because that always helps for other people on the same situation, to have an idea of what are the results.

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