Sites for clicking
I found a couple clicking sites. They don't pay much though..
SageMother Wrote:If the site is legitimate, there should be a page that revealing where the donations have gone and where you can contact the recipients for verification. With out that, I would simply skip the site and donate directly!

Direct donation indeed would be better, but people - being as busy as they are, and what with such a site appearing legit AND easy to use, they'd always have some donations rolling in...
I agree for sure. Without verification and tracking information then there's no way at all to really know where the donations have gone. I wouldn't give the time of day to it without a direct donation option or at least the factors mentioned above.
I tend to agree with the above posts. I've changed my policy on donations other than online over the years, too.
Too many people are tricked into matters that deal with charity. Charity foundations are like any other ones in the sense that there are many people out there who are willing to lose their scruples and try to take advantage of kindness and naivety so caution is the best advice for any of these venues.
yes, its a fraudulent way to impress the visitors to click forcefully for their benefits and not the real humanitarian cause
Well these sites can't be trusted, they could be just some people trying to gather up money for themselves, but still, maybe they really are donating. Well clicking doesn't cost me anything so... Big Grin
intresting but link is not working
the web scam is so disgust. why not use to put key for everey byte. make sure your data is so safe


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