Small joys of domaining
I'm not running a domain blog, nor I would like to, but now and then there is a story that I would like to share (last time it was about maglev iirc). So I've moved cities, I'm now living in the heart of Poland, in Warsaw. New city, always exciting, so I have to explore and of course it's much more interesting than a city where you have lived for years. I also have this hobby to take photos of things with a dslr camera (or just a compact if it's a quick shot), so in theory I already have the bases of pretty good content. See, explore, take photos, gather information and there you go.

The other day I was just looking at Warsaw related domains, and it shocked me that while was taken (remember thefacebook ) like this was free to reg. This made me excited (not because the domain being so special, but that it was so fitting to my concept that came to my mind) so I quickly set up the server for it, installed WP and went on to search for some fitting Wordpress theme. I found some pretty decent theme so I went on and customized it, downloaded some plugins, set them up, configured the seo settings (most importantly the url structure which in default sucks big time in WP). Then I edited the photos, made some graphics for the site, watermarked my own photos and posted the first article about the zoo in Warsaw. It's all done in less than a day.

Normally I would not even think touching WP as it's slow, it's not secure, but for a blog like this it's just fine. Now with the second day on it has 101 uniques so far. Things like this make you wonder why all those premium domains out there are not developed. It really makes me crazy! I hope that soon all those domains will be in proper hands, after all, this would make the Internet a better place.

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      I think Small joys of domaining is  a Brazilian/American shake supergroup framed in 2007 by Los Hermanos vocalist/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, and Binki Shapiro.

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