Snap Names?
Anyone here used SnapNames before to backorder or auction on expiring domains?
Just curious to hear some experiences.
At current moment, I believe SnapNames is one of the biggest player in this service, and also the most well known. Althought I have yet to engage their service, I understand that they provide customers with a "SnapBack" ability on their "intended" domain name for $69 fee.

After which, SnapNames will be attempting in trying to register that "chosen" domain name with "SnapBack" placed on them by client. To help boost up the chances of success of grabbing the disired name, SnapNames have also partnered with several domain registrars.

Good luck then!Smile
As llegent was saying, SnapNames has partnered with many registrars and this makes them very successful (they catch a majority of names). When a name drops, say at Network Solutions, Network Solution will first see if anyone at Snap Names wants it, before deleting it.

The $69 fee might seem like a lot, but keep in mind that the good catches often get into bidding wars, and it is not uncommon for low value names to go for thousands of dollars.
Thanks for the description and explanation. If I were to want to back-order a domain are they my best bet to try and get it?
I am not too sure who would be the best bet as this market is very hot and the transaction volume could get much heated up especially during last minute close to expiring and drawing some attention among players out there.

Nevertheless, there is another company that has been able to obtain some success in grabbing names :- It operates on different way compare to SnapNames, I understand that its services are priced fluctuatly according to auction system, but I have no further details on this.

And if they are successful in grabbing the desired domain, the domain will be held temporarily until your payment has been debited. After which the domain will be released to you.

This is what I have obtained so far. Hope this is helpful.
SnapNames seems to be have the largest partners. Look here for some of the major partners:

It's a safe bet to assume that they will catch any names which drop from these partners. The same is true for GoDaddy, which offers a pay-in-advance backorder system: they will catch godaddy drops. The thing about godaddy is that drops go into auction at, so if someone else is interested in the name, they might get it. is another good backorder company. Generally SnapNames and Pool are considered the best, but again SnapNames generally WILL catch names droped by its partners.

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