Social Network Marketing
justontime Wrote:There was something on the news (in UK) this morning that some financial companies are in trouble because of the way they market on social networking sites. Apparently they have not taken account of their target audience and they have broken some of our regulations about marketing to young people.

That is another HUGE drawback associated with social networks. If you can't target your audience with precision, you could end up with some legal issues!
I agree, you just have to beware of letting your computer consume you. Smile I can spend hours reading, posting, promoting. LOL

I usually use my laptop, when the battery runs low I know it's time to get up and move a bit. I learned in a forum that it's hard on my battery, but if I leave my laptop plugged in I might forget to move, eat, drink. They may find me in a computer coma.
RFL1986 Wrote:Forums are a really underrated 'social networking' tool. Even though they're not as purely aimed at the social aspect as sites like MySpace and Facebook they're extremely effective for getting your advertising across to the right market.

A good forum will allow you to "strut your stuff" when posting about subjects compatible with whatever product or service you sell.

The best way to build trust in potential clients or customers is to show that you know your subject and product well!
According to my opinion the best social networking site is Facebook which will helpful to get more website traffic as well as generating business leads.
Although there are many social networking marketing sites. Some of them are described below as:-
1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Linkedin
4. Pininterst
5. Yahoo
6. Instagram
7. YouTube
8. Yelp

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