Specific colours for specific genres
What are your thoughts on specific colours for specific genres of websites?

I have seen gaming related websites take on dark colour schemes and then general websites take on a more neutral white and grey colour scheme. I love to see any colours that work well together on a theme on a website as long as the colours don't clash but having colour schemes for different genres is always a good idea I feel.
Well depends, you can make it either somehow related to your theme or you can make it look good witha generic color. Nothing too bright or too dark is good.
I think this is entirely the owners choice. I myself always stick to neutral colours but I know people who enjoy using dark colours for as you stated gaming related websites which works I agree and is nice to see and even adult related websites it's always common to see them with dark themes.
Colors matters most while designing a website, but one important thing every designers and developer must consider is that user experience and their persona. Designing website using user's perspective make website more successive.

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