Start saving now
How much did you spend on presents in 2016? Take that number and divide it by 10—so by next October, you’ll have your money saved and can start shopping. Then sock that amount away each month so you can pay cash for gifts next year. It’s a better plan than waiting until the last minute and paying for your gifts with credit cards.
You should take the time to appreciate the holiday season before you rush out to buy decorations or set a schedule. That’s what puts the joy into the season. What takes the stress out is doing some planning for next year. It may seem like a lot of work, but you’ll enjoy the 2017 holiday season when you aren’t stressing about money or burned-out Christmas lights.
Start the new year off right! Financial Peace University will give you the jumpstart you need to win with money all year. Classes are starting near you throughout January. Find a class in your area right now!
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