Stop being a slave to your business, hire a FULL-TIME VA from $500/mo
AssistNinja is an virtual head-hunting service that pairs entrepreneurs with Virtual Assistants from the Philippines for a one-time fee. You hire, train and manage them, they are YOUR employees. Visit us at to learn more.

If you're the owner of a small business, hosting company or other online service, you're probably working a lot more than 40 hours a week for your business. How much of your time are you spending on small-time repetitive tasks that you could easily delegate?

This is where AssistNinja can help. We're an online headhunting company that will find a virtual assistant in the Philippines that meets the needs specific to you and your business. All you pay us is a one-time fee and we'll present you with 3 candidates you can choose from.

The difference with us and other services is we are NO middle-man. We pair you with an assistant that works under you and FOR you. You negotiate their hours, YOU manage them, they become a part of your company so YOU can focus on growing your business and stop wasting your time on trivial tasks.

>>>> Visit us at

One-Time Fee: $500 - Enter coupon code "NINJAFYME" and get $100 off your order.

YOU determine what you will pay them each month. Here is an average pay range for different types of assistants:

These are ALL Full-time, 160 hours PER MONTH rates:
  • Programmers: $600-$1400/mo
  • Designers: $500-$1200/mo
  • SEO Specialists: $500-$1000/mo
  • Social Media Experts: $500-$700/mo
  • Virtual Assistants: $500-$800/mo
Questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information:

Where will my VA be located?
We exclusively search for Virtual Assistants who operate out of the Philippines. It is one of the highest ranked nations in the world for outsourcing and has excellent english and literacy scores. Many entrepreneurs already employ hundreds of thousands of VA’s all across the Philippines for a wide array of tasks and work.

How much should I pay my VA?
The living wage in the Philippines is substantially less than that of the U.S. If hiring a part-time worker the pay is generally in the range of $200-$350/month and a full-time position can expect $500-$700/month in expected earnings. In addition we recommend you consider paying for their internet cost (typically around $20/month) and covering any payment transfer fees.

What happens if I’m not happy with the VA I choose?
Our extensive recruitment process has us matching the skills, experience and knowledge with your requirements. In addition we manually screen, test and do a background check on the candidate prior to handing them off to you for the final interview. It’s very rare for this to happen, but regardless, we offer a 10 Day Guarantee, meaning if you are unhappy with your selection we will restart the recruiting process and provide you with another set of 3 candidates for the job.

Have some more Sales Questions for us? Visit Our Website Here and Open a Live Chat with US!.

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