Taking a site to court
If you discover that someone is taking stuff aff your site and using it, what do you do?
You've started two interesting threads and there are probably people here with knowledge that will help you. Right now, though, it's like taking a shot in the dark. Could you post some details about the situation? If so, you'll probably get better answers.
The first thing you should do is contact them and ask them to take down your content. If they refuse then you can contact your host. If you want to you can file a DMCA request with their host or you can just ask them to assist you before filing the request.

If the host does not assist you, then you can file a DMCA request to have the content removed.
I'll probably go "duh" when you answer, but tell me what DMCA is?
Paula62 Wrote:I'll probably go "duh" when you answer, but tell me what DMCA is?

Me too please. I work with my brother on a few sites and I basically do most of the writing but my stuff ahs been cropping up lately in some odd places. It is frustrating.:mad:
Okay, DMCA is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. So what he's saying is notify the site infringing on your copyright that you believe they are in violation of the DMCA. Summary of the act and it's notice provisions are here: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmc...%22dmca%22
Before going in all this, you may want to try to contact various people from the site; ask them to take it off, and see if they want to cooperate or not.
I usually try to discuss it just between him and me, and ask him not to without permission. If he continues to do it, i'll find a way to do something like ban his IP so he cannot view whats on my website or something like that.
Paula62 Wrote:I'll probably go "duh" when you answer,

I kind of agree there. Not much to do...
I would probably do this:

1) Contact him
2) Contact his host
3) File a DMCA request

If he doesn't respond, just contact his host and explain the situation. If they won't do anything or need an official request, then proceed with the information Paula provided, as it should help with taking the proper steps.

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