Terracotta Aromatherapy Necklaces
[font=宋体]Terracotta is an absorbent clay that will soak up essential oils that are dripped onto it. Terracotta can be easily shaped into flat pendants that can be imprinted with a design and hung from a chain or leather cord. Terracotta pendants are quite affordable. When wearing a terracotta essential oil necklace, it's important not to use too much essential oil or allow undiluted essential oil to seep through to the back of the pendant. If the back of the pendant looks wet and you've used undiluted essential oils, you've used too much essential oil and risk the undiluted oil coming into direct contact with your skin or clothing.[/font]
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[font=宋体]I have seen porous beaded necklaces and bracelets available that intend for the user to simply drop essential oils onto the beads as a passive way to slowly diffuse essential oils while worn. Since porous jewelry can come into direct contact with the skin, it's important to ensure that you adequately dilute your essential oil with a carrier prior to application to the porous beads/stones. Otherwise, the undiluted essential oil can come into direct contact with your skin, causing a risk of irritation and sensitization. Please see AromaWeb's Essential Oil Safety page for more information. Even if you plan to wear a beaded aromatherapy necklace against a blouse or shirt, undiluted essential oil can potentially penetrate your clothing and come into direct contact with your skin.[/font]

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