The newest of the noobies needs lil advise!
Yesterday i was scrolling thru the web and i caught on to this domain kick.So i figured hey whynot give it a go.I purchased two domains thru are

I figured these would be good to start with.Since im brand new to the game im seeking some advice as what im to do with domains i purchased.

Today i woke up and found this link to this forum from zach.I know i can find information on this site that would help me but i dont know where to begin.

1.Should i try and sell these or hold on to them for the moment.(if so when is a good time to sell)
2.Should i park these domains
3.Are they any good?
4.Easy ways to determine whats a good domain etc
5.Do i have to put money or work into a domain for the value to go up
6.What determines value of a domain

I know i have tons to learn but if someone could point me in the right direction id be very appreciated.
Ok so i broke down and bought the ebook by zach.It deff got me interested and i learned lots from it.Now my questions are.

Are these tactics he uses or mike uses in the other topic of adwords,adsense still working?Things change all the time.Even though i learned alot i also saw links to more products which included more money to spend. I just dont wanna throw money away on products that i will do wrong.Judging in this forum so far i havnt recieved any replys on my first questions.Without help starting out in forums as described in the book i could get easily discouraged and just say heck with it.

I guess my question is

Is this a do it on your own learn on your own and win or lose on your own type of thing.Are poeple bitter on giving advice?That was a question not a statement.Once again any info will be appreciated.Thanks
You can park your domains on for free and the pay pretty well depending on the topic and market for the words. is a good place to buy domains i think b/c it's cheaper than GoDaddy. I've used both though.
As far as the names you have picked, I would only go after names that are spelled correctly or common slang spelling. Look at new and upcoming events, trends, and products to help come up with new/unique names that may be of value later. Hope i helped a little. :whistle:
All your doubts are very interesting for people that are starting in these things. I also agree that the names should be spelled correctly to earn more when you try to sell them because it's easier to people to relate with them than with names that "sounds like".
I like because it is simple and easy to remember, just the way you want it. I try to avoid punctuation like the hyphen that can be easily forgotten. But, a good domain name anyway!
I can't really speak to the content of the book or the other products linked to it.
As far as domain names go, the value of a domain name is mainly in it's use (or potential use).
Generally, unless you plan to spend big bucks marketing and advertising to make your brand recognizable, it's best to try and get a domain name comprising of common generic word(s), with their correct spelling.

If you have a big advertising budget, then this becomes less of an issue.
For example, eBay is not a real English word, however, through the magic of marketing, they've made their domain/website a "memorable brand".

As the the post above mentioned, you should avoid hyphens where possible.
One reason for this...people typically forget to put a hyphen when typing it in.
It's not that people don't want to share info.
All your questions are asked over and over and people get tired
to answer same questions over and over Wink

My recommendation: stop buying/registering domains immediately.
Read all you can about domains.
Visit domain forums.
Visit domain blogs.
I Love shop-less great name, I would park it at
Best to develop the names.
You can use shop-less with adsense, amazon or affiliate banners etc.

When you and your friends are ready to buy domains, hosting services and everything you need for websites and the internet MEGA Cheaper, Please visit us!

Thanks and Good Luck! Smile
Hello everyone look foward to communicating with alot of you and I'm very interested in learning about domain names I have never purchased one before. I only have read about the success many are having with doman names. I only have a couple hundred dollars to start with just was wondering if you had so little funds what would your first few steps be. I have purchased Zach ebook also have not made it to the end but I will within next day or so. Thanks to everyone much success to you all any reply will be greatly appreciated!!!!!Smile

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