There are 10 ways that SEO people should know about rich results
There are 10 ways that SEO people should know about rich results.
  1. Structured data is usually used for rich results.
  Structured data is encoded in the page tags to provide information about the page and its contents.
  In addition to helping Google better understand your page content, structured data is also used to achieve rich results.
  2. For structured data, Google prefers the json-ld format.
  Google supports structured data in three formats: json-ld, Microdata, and RDFa.
  However, the format it recommends is JSON-LD.
  JSON-LD represents “JavaScript Object Notation - Linked Data”, as you might have guessed, in JavaScript format.
  In essence, it describes the information on the page without interfering with what the user sees.
  As a result, jsons-ld does not plan to display some content (which may be a bit confusing) to the user while explaining to Google, but to divide the information into its own parts.
  There is no guarantee of fruitful results.
  As mentioned earlier, applying structured data tags on a page is the first step to getting rich results -- but Google may still decide not to display them on your site.
  The reasons for this are different, but Google gives the following explanation in its general guide to structured data:
  Using structured data can show a feature, but there is no guarantee that it will appear.
  The Google algorithm ranks the search results based on a number of variables, including search history, location, and device types, to create what it considers to be the best search experience for users.
  In some cases, it may determine that one feature is more appropriate than the other, or even that a pure blue link is the best choice.
  4. Tags may not affect your ranking in the SERPs.
  In addition, the inclusion of rich results in your list to improve their status in the SPEP has not materialized.
  5. Google has a new rich result testing tool.
  6. You can also use other tools to check your rich results.
  Your fruitful results will take several weeks to appear.
  Google can disable your rich search results.
  9. Technically, structured data does not have to show rich results.
  10. Site: command “query should show whether the result is implemented correctly.
  If a rich result is not shown, it is usually due to quality or technical problems in the implementation.
  You can execute sites on sites that have already implemented structured data markup: commands, rather than relying on Google‘s new rich result testing tools.
  If the rich results appear on the site, this means your technical Settings are correct.

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