Top 10 Data Centers in India in 2024
The demand for data centers in India in 2024 is rapidly increasing as the country becomes a hub for technological advancement. Every enterprise, from startups to multinational corporations, trusts data centers to maintain smooth operations and uninterrupted connectivity.
Overview of Data Centers in India in 2024
Data centers in India are expanding quickly; between 2019 and 2025, cumulative investments are predicted to reach over $28 billion. India is becoming a leading center for technical progress, driving this rise. Over the same period, India is projected to grow significantly at a CAGR of around 5%, outpacing the global average by twofold. Stay updated on data center functionalities in 2024 before making any decisions. 

The India Advantage 
  1. Focus on advanced data centers. Tier III and IV data centers receive the lion's share of investments, a testament to the industry's dedication to maintaining high standards of uptime and reliability.
  2. Advantage of operational costs. India is desirable for data center investments since it provides a competitive advantage in operating and development expenses.
  3. Engineering skills availability. Data centers in India are becoming desirable due to their skilled workforce and a wide array of data center services.  
  4. COVID-19 impact. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a rise in the utilization of outsourced data centers. It highlights how crucial data centers are to preserving business continuity in times of crisis.  
Top 10 Data Centers in India in 2024
  1. ESDS
  2. CntrlS
  3. STT GDC
  4. Yotta
  5. Sify
  6. Web Werks
  7. NexGen
  8. Equinix
  9. GPX
  10. Netmagic
ESDS Software Solutions Ltd 
ESDS offers innovative, scalable, flexible data centers and cloud computing solutions. Highly reliable, secure, and energy-efficient data centers allow organizations to focus on their core competencies. 
In addition to other conventional services, ESDS specializes in managed data centers, hosted banking, managed cloud hosting, disaster recovery hosting on the cloud, and SAP HANA hosting. With strong technical support, these services help build enduring relationships with clients. Having five data center locations throughout India, ESDS is making India self-reliable for securing its data.   

The STT Global Data Centers (STT GDC) Indian division is a significant player in the Indian data center market. STT Global Data Centers is a subsidiary of ST Telemedia Global Data Centers. STT GDC provides cloud connection solutions, managed services, and colocation to digital service providers, hyperscalers, and businesses. The company's emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency indicates its dedication to corporate responsibility and environmental management.  

Yotta Data Services Pvt. Ltd
Yotta Data Services, supported by the Hiranandani Group, is expanding in Greater Noida and Guwahati to meet the increasing need for edge services in Tier 2 markets. These scheduled operations should be finished and operationalized by the end of 2024.  
Yotta-D1, the business's current data center, is 85% occupied, which has led to plans to build its D2 and D3 facilities. To address the need for AI-driven data, Yotta has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to construct an AI data center in GIFT City, Gujarat, following the purchase of over 16,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs.  

Sify Technologies Ltd. 
Sify Technologies Limited is a prominent player in the Indian telecom and IT industries, providing extensive data center service to businesses nationwide. They offer various services, including colocation, cloud, managed hosting, and network services, to meet the changing needs of companies in different sectors. Proactive monitoring and support and a robust infrastructure ensure high availability and performance.  

CtrlS Datacenters Ltd 
CtrlS, a top provider of data center services in India, is known for its advanced infrastructure and comprehensive solutions. Modern infrastructure's uptime, security, and energy efficiency enable it to adapt to businesses' ever-changing needs. 
Some of the most well-known brands in Indian business are among the fantastic clientele that CtrlS holds. This is because they put their all into each project. Young business people who require secure hosting for their cloud software can prefer CtrlS.

Web Werks
With facilities that offer high-density, hyper-scale, artificial intelligence-powered infrastructure, excellent service support, and uptime, Web Werks has been a prominent player among data centers in India for the past 20 years. Web Werks aims to ensure its clients achieve maximum business efficiency by efficiently handling all issues relevant to their data center needs. To that end, they want to open more data centers around India. The corporation plans to build two additional data centers on a four-acre plot of land in Chennai to satisfy the growing demand in the area.   

NexGen Datacenter
A local player in the Indian data center market, NxtGen Datacenter, and Cloud Technologies provide advanced solutions made to fit the demands of modern companies. To promote organizational growth and resilience, the NxtGen team offers a broad range of enterprise-level infrastructure options, such as managed support, disaster recovery, cloud hosting, and data center space.
Its dedication to excellence and customer-centric approach earned it praise from clients in various industries. Its commitment to quality has earned recognition from a wide range of industry clients.  

With advanced offerings, including Equinix Fabric, Equinix Internet Exchange, and Equinix Internet Access, Equinix debuted its digital connectivity services in India. By enabling them to build safe and flexible digital infrastructures that adapt to the changing business environment and by promoting international data center-to-data center network connections with software-defined interconnection, these advanced services aim to empower digital leaders in India. Currently, Equinix operates two data centers in Mumbai that are linked by dark fiber to form a virtual campus. This campus offers a variety of options for businesses looking to deploy enterprise edge nodes as part of a hybrid multi-cloud strategy.  
GPX India Pvt Ltd
GPX Global Systems is one of the leading providers of carrier-neutral data centers in India. It offers highly secure, scalable, and low-latency solutions, and its facilities are designed to meet the exacting demands of businesses worldwide. 
Leading the way in technological innovation, GPX offers "true" carrier neutrality and the first-ever Tier 4 design environments and infrastructures certified by the Uptime Institute. With multiple hyper-cloud direct connections, such as Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect and Amazon Web Services Direct Connect, it is one of the top data centers in India that has this feature.   

Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
One of India's leading providers of managed hosting, cloud, and data center solutions is Netmagic Solutions, a subsidiary of NTT Communications. Netmagic supports various industries, including financial services, healthcare, online retail, and IT/ITeS, focusing on dependability, scalability, and security. Its strategically located data centers and 24/7 support make it a top option for businesses looking for innovative infrastructure solutions.  

The Bottom Line
Major locations for data centers in India are in Delhi (NCR), Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai. These sites are chosen due to their outstanding fiber connectivity, close proximity to clients, workforce availability, and submarine cable connectivity. When choosing a site, important considerations include location, power availability, fiber connectivity, and general construction and operations.  

As we enter 2024, the industry stands at the threshold of unparalleled opportunities, ready to power the nation's digital future. When choosing a data center provider in India, it is essential to consider factors like security, reliability, adaptability, accessibility, cost, and customer service. Review its credentials, infrastructure, experience, track record, and client testimonials to ensure the company can satisfy your business objectives.
Evaluate the services these data centers provide to enhance your business's productivity and ensure the safety of your valuable data. 
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