Trade Shows
Has anyone been to one of the big domain related trade shows (T.R.A.F.F.I.C., Domain Roundtable)? DId you find it useful, and if so how?
I've been to a few, but I've never showed (booth fees tend to be pricey). Just going was a real learning experience.
Hm, i've never been to one. I didn't even know this kind of stuff would be this big! Is it like a real formal trade show live? That would be quite interesting to go to!
Here's an article, FYI, about what is probably the largest o fthe trade shows. And yes, they are live, real, trade shows.

Biggest T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domain Conference To Date Coming to Las Vegas May 2-5
How would I find out about all the domain conferences this year so that I can plan ahead to try to attend? Are these trade shows and conferences really usefull in making the most out of your domain?
This is really good information! I didn't even know they existed! I thought since it was an internet thing, maybe they would do an internet conference. But then again, it makes sense to actually go into the real world to find out more about the virtual world. Every day I discover that thre is so much I still have to learn and discover! Thanks!

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