Trademark service?
Ok guys, I was looking at this company "". What they provide are :-
1. Trademark Search
2. Trademark Application Process
3. Monitor and Protect Your Valuable Trademark

They are backed by Scott Fields is the managing attorney of TrademarkMyName. So, do anyone ever tried their service? Or most of you just couldn't be bother to spend on this area?Rolleyes
I am not sure I really can buy into a service like this. The only thing I would really use it for is to trademark catch phrases so I could send cease and desists to broadasters, much like that gas-bag Trump with the "You're Fired" crap. Nice onion loaf buddy.
I tend to agree. The domain name is important, and if that's registered to you, you don't need a trademark company to insure that it is. If you get into logos and such which start to have some good equity, then it might be necessary and you'd want to protect yourself. For some reason, this company looks a little bit like something which promises more than it offers for the money.
While thinking further, I have a deep concern for engaging such service. How could it be possible for me to really "enforce" the trademark online and internationally:confused: Well, it sort of "feels" safe if I spend on this kind of service initially, but giving it a second thoughts on the enforment issues...I think it is almost impossible to synchronize all over the net for potetial infringement.

What's your thoughts?
The internet certainly is a community with its own laws. It's funny to think that something that would normally make me feel safe (such as trademarking), then those rules don't apply outside of my own country.
I am hearing this type of work for the first time.
But the facility which is providing by that company is great to hear.
The more I think about it, it's sort of like buying insurance for America and trying to use it in Italy. If there's no international clause, what's the point???
It would be useful in the same way that any trademark is useful. And yes, it is difficult at best to respond to foreign companies that may be infringing your trademark. But, you still have US protection and that is worth a lot if your company does well.
In response to the comments above:
Its not exactly what you think. The internet is global, so trademarks can be globally infringed, but cyber law is determined by the United States, because they are the only ones with access to the root servers (and they can take away domains from whoever they want when they want). US protection is basically international protection with trademarks. ICANN is authorized through a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Commerce and ICANN, and through a general presidential directive (under Clinton), to protect trademarks and other commercial interests on the internet. In order to fulfill this goal, ICANN create mediation courts (with the input of the World Intellectual Property Organisation and other business-prone entities). These mediation courts act globally, because no matter where you are, the internet is run from the states, and they do what ever they want (this is why there was a plan to shift control to the united nations, since the internet is really a global resource).

Basically, what I am saying is that trademarks are absolutly protected, even above 'free speech', by the United States. So if you want protection, u will get it.
In theory, yes, Zach you are right.

In real life, most of us are so small that the resources needed to access the protections if there is an infringement are beyond our ability to muster. At least, to muster very far if the first couple of attempts don't reach a result.

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