Trademark service?
What I find is that since business has become even more than international, so it now referred to as global, it becomes increasingly difficult to be unique because you cannot easily search out all the copycat or infringement possibilities. That a company thinks they would be able to charge someone for such a service and then GUARANTEE that your products identification will be unique is unthinkable to me. Say it with me: rip off. My idea is go with the very best idea in your head, design your logo and your motto and find out what your family and friends think of it. A while ago in a forum I saw a request for a logo that was supposed to be similar to "so and so" in color and form but using a different word. People came back and posted several logo ideas that were all but exact copies of "so and so". They either changed the font or the shadowing but the color schemes were exact. I don't know how they expected they would be able to legally get away with selling or using such a thing. What is the human mind if you don't use it to design and compose original and wonderful things. I would think copycatting could ultimately be hurtful rather than helpful in getting others to think your company is as good as someone else's or similar to the others.

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