Trick Question For You, Just For Fun
Wow, I am not sure if I wanted to learn all of this Great thread, we definately learn something new each time we click it!
penguinmama Wrote:In case anyone missed it, NO, Realtor is NOT generic. It is a trademark for a certified, licensed, whatever member of a group.

as for these:

"Astroturf" plastic carpeting? indoor/outdoor floor covering? Not sure exactly.
"Kleenex" facial tissues
"ViceGrips" locking wrench
"Pampers" diapers, of course
"Xerox" copy machines
"Google" search engine
"Podcast" digital broadcast

Astroturf ~ artificial turf!
There are dozens of things like that. In my years writing, I have always been careful. For example if a character is drinking a soft drink I always say its cola or lemon lime soda or gingerale, careful not to use the trademark names without permission, even if some have become part of common use. Your injured characters always use bandages. And crying characters always use tissues.
I always use the names of things when I write. I don't know why I do it, but I have done it for as long as I can remember. I guess I have crossed the line along time ago.
"Xerox copy" = "Photo Copy"
So many things to remember. I always do try to use the generic form of everything.
People lean one way or the other on names and trademarks. I definitely use those name each day, and I don't even try to do the opposite.
There have been several court cases about this. In every case, the brand lost. In an interesting twist, several big names, including McDonalds and Coke refuse to take issue with it. They prefer to consider it free advertising.

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