Using Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers cost a lot more than shared servers however with dedicated servers you have less chance of downtime and it's a lot more safe than a shared server.

Has anyone here used dedicated servers for hosting or would you ever use dedicated servers for hosting? What are your experiences with dedicated hosting and would you recommend this kind of hosting to others even though the price is more?
I am currently using shared hosting with Namecheap, and I must say I don't need dedicated servers for hosting as for now Big Grin
I think that's more for bigger sites.
I agree more bigger sites and also people who host things like servers for games tend to benefit more from dedicated hosting over shared hosting. I guess if you are running a bigger site or even a server and you get donations and the like from your members and visitors that can help towards the cost of having dedicated and help you out a lot.
I have always seen dedicated servers as being for really big sites that are not running well enough any more on shared hosting. As of right now I have had no need to use dedicated hosting and shared hosting has been fine for me. I guess if I was to get a lot of traffic and started noticing problems dedicated hosting would be something I would look into.
If you are looking for dedicated servers, then Sky Host is providing reliable dedicated servers at affordable costs with 99.9% server uptime. We also provide 24/7 customer support via call and email.
I am currently using the services of dedicated server at very cheapest price and my personnel experience is just very mesmerizing with microhost company. You can also try up their service support. I am very happy to use their services and would highly recommend to others too for using.

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