Viral Marketing tool
I found a free viral marketing tool to increase traffic to you website or blog. Check it out here. Remember it is free, so there is no harm in trying it out.
Well sound looks good for me. If it is working fine than we should use it but why you put referral code in your link. Please remove it now.
Have you ever looked at Hits 4 Pay, I think that is what it's called. I think you have to actually pay for your ad to appear but the timed view is pretty common in the PTR / PTP world.
This is the third one of this type of traffic boosting I've come across. The problem is it is empty traffic. I don't need people to pass by I need them to visit, return and of course buy.
You've hit on it. For what I'm paying and the work I have invested, I don't need surf-bys. I need people who stop and buy. Come back and buy again. AND bring their friends!
Yeah, I get the sense that these viral tools don't help a lot. However, I'm tempted to use them because they're free and I don't have a lot to spend in terms of advertising. But if they're not really viable solutions, what's the point?
I think some people hire these services to get visitors, so somehow they show off the traffic they have, so other people put advertising in their website! I don't think they are looking for "real buyers" but for advertisers that will be tempted by the traffic reports that website generates. At least I see it that way.
That's quite a possibility. I suppose anything that helps get advertisers on board helps, right? I'm not saying it's the best way of doing business, but I can see how it might have some advantages, especially if it's free.
I'm a fan of trying anything free for a few weeks. If you can increase your traffic and maybe note a certain type that frequents your site, then it can give you a new direction to try.
I have seen this in several sites that offer this. I just feel this is like a chain letter and mostly no one follows through. Social Bookmarking will get you more powerful traffic to your site and is better spent time.

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