Anychance of an appraisal of this domain please that I have recently obtained??

It's pronouncable + brandable, so high xxx could be possible.
Ive actually developed it to a web directory. Get pretty good traffic too and some homepage links from some high pr sites. Im getting over 100 website submits a day at the moment to the directory. Might be able to sell it as it is for maybe a few hundred.
for sure it's a good name and you have developped it and its got traffic. I would say low to mid x,xxx

hello all im back and is now developed and is doing pretty well. I get around 3200 - 3500 unique visitors a month. I have no idea how much it is worth now but the domain on its own may be valuable.
it varies with 4 letters.... you can make it to go up to 1000 USD but again it depends
I thought it may have been worth a bit more than that but still 1k is still good. I also own but thats no where near as good
The domain name alone would be able to fetch a good value - but on top of that you have a developed site with decent traffic. I'd say the site has very good potential if sold as a developed site, rather than sold solely as a domain.
I agree with that. Maybe as a site rather than just as domain, you might get better money. Who knows? I know there are advertisers that prefer to buy a site that already has enough traffic than just get a domain that they have to develop.

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