WHOIS lookup?

With WHOIS lookup, you can find out the domain name owners or organizations, domain name contact information, including registrant, administrator, and technical contact information, and the registrar (such as Alibaba Cloud), the status of the domain name, and other important dates (such as the domain name registration date and expiration date). WHOIS lookup is usually used for various lawful purposes. Network administrators use WHOIS data to identify and confirm problems. For example, WHOIS data can be used to determine the compliance of domain name usage, identify trademark infringements, and trace domain name registrants involved in activites or Internet fraud. In addition, ICANN’s protocol protects domain name registrants by prohibiting people from leveraging WHOIS data to automatically identify users of specific administrations or registrars and send marketing, fraud, or massive spam information to you. You can enable the domain name proxy service to prevent your information being stolen.

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