Wanting your opinions....

All opinions much appreciated. I know the 2nd one may be a stretch, but I like the concept......

My first impression was that they were both associated with the green energy and recycling movements.

Then I started to wonder if they referred to an existing branding the way that UPS uses "brown."
Your first impression was my intention, Taggart. But now that you mention the branding, I'm thinking US Army or one of these gov't contractors...there's one named khaki already. Saw it in the movie IRAQ FOR SALE.

Thanks for the input.

Well, my first impression, made me think of environmental things, specially greenbrown. There is a little "hip thing" to be green lately, so maybe you can take advantage of that and perhaps sell it and make some profit.
The names bring ecology to mind first, of course, but how do you intend to develop them?
i think they are "low rated"
Here's another newbie grain of salt. I bought 2 green names; I really believe there will be wabillions of new green businesses in the near future. Mine are probably high $ !!!! ($ 8 or $9) greenbygeorge.com ( an eco friendly biz by George) green4america.com ??? If you look at all the green names that are taken, its impressive. l

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