Waste generated
Waste generated during the renovation is inevitable, and many materials will have scraps, except for the bulk of the main material can be returned to merchants, most of the small pieces like sand, cement, paint and the menards step material like will not give you the return. Bo eco-wood suggest that you do not throw away, that is too wasteful, it will also pollute the environment, so you can release some classification to some decoration forums and classified information site, some people may buy these cheap surplus materials.
In fact, how to save material costs Material costs are the key, good planning, to avoid remaining deck and fence paint materials is a means. From the design to accurately eliminate the waste of materials During the decoration design should take into account the various steps of the use of materials, accurate statistics and determine, if repeatedly modified, will certainly cause a lot of waste.
Some designers tend to encourage consumers to add a lot of unrealistic increase items in order to increase their cost. Therefore, they Solid decking terrace used must design well and advocate simple and practical design principles. The simple decoration not only reduces waste but also reduces pollution because the decoration materials The more you use, the higher the level of pollution.
Multi-use of highly integrated materials and decoration The Ministry of Construction for many years are advocating the fine decoration of housing, fine decoration, only a small amount of material waste. Buy refined decoration of the finished product is also a good way to eliminate waste, if the decoration can also choose those with multi-brand integration function of decoration companies, because the integration of home improvement in the purchase of the main owners can enjoy more brand discount, improve decorative fence panels composite the renovation project Value for money.

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