We Sell Dumps
Hello dear friends some of you know me already i sell dumps (track1,track2) dumps from all over the world

The questions and answers, which my potential clients could ask:

Why the price for EU is too high?
-The price is high because the quality of the goods are high. High quality costs big money. Let me show you an example: someone driving BMW nd somebody can drive Fiat or Seat or something cheap, when you driving in bmw you feel comfort and freely, but for this comfort you have to pay money, otherwise - you drive seat and there is no such comfort and safety - but less price, you can buy used car at all and crash it in incedent. The same story with the dumps, you can buy cheap dumps from cheap vendor, or from the ripper at all and you risking to be ripped, or even worse you can get dumps from old base which is under control or in warn list and got caught. Choice is after you... But here is my last word: for the moment i writing those words the validity of the dumps is on top (about 90 and even classics working about 2k EUR, you really paying for serious stuff you not seen before. Once again: choice after you...

What is the minimal sum of the deal with you?
-There is no minimal order - minimal order is one dump.

What is the minimal sum of the deal with you if I pay webmoney?
-There is no minimal order - minimal order is one dump.

-What if i pay westernunion or moneygram?
_Only 100 usd +10% drope fee

What is the format of your dumps?
-My dumps are in the 1-st and 2-nd track format.

Do you sell the dumps with the original first track?
-Yes, track2 is original always. Track1 - deppending on availability.

After I've sent you Western union order, what info should I let you know of?
-The name and the surname of the sender, MTCN (10-digit code), amount, city, state and country.

-Will your US dumps work in the Europe?
-I don't recommend to buy the dumps for the Europe, cause some dumps work there, but some - don't work and I do not offer any guarantee.

Do you sell your dumps on credit?
-No, I don't, cause the credit spoils the relationship.

I am want to buy, but i am affraid to be ripped. What to do?
-Yes, we understanding you - there is very lot of rippers over the internet for the moment. Because this we offer you not to order a bulk for a first time - you can order 1-2pcs for test and later proceed to bigger ammounts, so we will know better each other.

May i have one or two dumps for test?
Yes. You can BUY one or two dumps for test - there is no minimum.

Return Policy:
All Checked Dumps have not replacement.unchecked Dumps pickup withing 24 hr & declined 12 hrs we replace.

Replace/refund happens if you place correct request in:
>12 hours for only Decline[05]:
05 | Decline | Do Not Honor

>24 hours for Hold-Call / Pick Up Card:
04 | Hold-Call Or Pick Up Card
07 | Hold-Call Or Pick up Card | Pick Up Card - Special Condition
41 | Hold-Call Or Pick up Card| Pick Up Card - Lost
43 | Hold-Call Or Pick up Card | Pick Up Card Stolen

The rest of responses will not be replaced, especialy:
01 | Call | Refer To Issuer
02 | Call | Refer To Issuer - Special Condition
13 | Decline | Amount Error | Invalid amount
51 | Decline | Insufficient Funds
N4 | Decline | Exceeds Issuer Withdrawal Limit
61 | Decline | Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
62 | Decline | Invalid Service Code, Restricted
65 | Decline | Activity Limit Exceeded
93 | Decline | Violation, Cannot Complete

for pricelist and binlist:

icq: 487-758

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