Web page optimization strategy
Web page optimization, namely web page is optimized for web applications, content, the optimization of section, the layout adjustment, to make it suitable for search engine retrieval, satisfy the search engine ranking index, so as to gain ranking in the search engine retrieval, strengthen the result of the search engine marketing make site product related keywords can have a good position.
  Make the site easier to be included in the search engine, improve user experience and conversion rate to create value.
  The following is mainly from the website code, the label, the body and so on several aspects to tell the website page optimization.
  Website reconstruction
  Website refactoring can make the site‘s maintenance cost lower, run better, follow the design of HTML structured standard, and separate the actual content of the website page from the format they present.
  In a nutshell, all fonts, styles, and other forms of expression are written as DIV+CSS. CSS is placed in separate files, Javascript is also placed in separate files, and there is only text content in HTML.
  Whenever external file calls can be used, external file calls can be used, which can not appear, as far as possible. In the text, all text is mainly written, and no CSS code appears.
  Meta tag optimization
  The Heading tag optimization.
  Alt optimization
  Link anchor text optimization.
  Keyword optimization
  Content optimization
Website optimization speeds up the slow websites and increases the website traffic.It also improves the conversion rats. Different business types have different objectives that you will want to optimize for. It is generally a process of systematically improving the performance of your website to meet the business objectives.
Web site page optimization is the process of keep changing the position of the website in search engine result page is called as website optimization

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