Website Grader (SEO tool)
Well I just found a good tool on internet. I hope it works for you.

WebSite Grader (SEO Tool)

It points at the bottom to some company website that can probably charge you for seo work, but beyond that seems like it has helpful information.

Just plug in your site and it will rank it's search engine effectiveness.
Thanks for sharing, Rohitpatel. Gives alot of good information. Some I knew about; some I did not! This website promotion thing is very challenging, yet exciting. I just love seeing the progress I'm making, although its slow!

Seems like a solid tool, I will have to try it out and see if it helps at all.
Thanks for posting the link. Wink

I suppose it requires that someone's as accurate as possible when filling out the related keywords and competing websites fields.
I was a little suspicious that it asked for my email address, but apparently you can leave it blank. Nice site! Smile
Website Grader site does not just present a detailed report on your site, it is also full of tips, such as advice on the H1 tag:

More than one H1 tag found
More than one primary heading tags (H1 tags) Have Been Found on the page. Though This Is Not a critical issue, It Is unusual for a web page to Contain More Than One heading tag. We Suggest Having a single primary heading per page.

There are several such tools on the Internet. SEO tools that generate these reports / studies / surveys are created by people who have no knowledge of the algorithms of search engines of Google in this case (but who knows?). In other words, the Website Grader SEO tips are not certified by the search engines, these are just indications that are not necessarily unanimity of all SEOs and SEO Consultants.


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Tried to open the site, but it appears that the link is dead.
Yeah, well it may be because the post is 5 years old...
It seems like a very good tool and i will definitely use this tool.
This link is not opening properly. Suggest some other link so that, i can visit this site.

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