What Most People Don't Know About Air Fresheners
Air fresheners have seen an alarming surge in popularity over the past thirty years, but their fragrant effects may come along with some unsavory health effects. It might seem like there can't be anything wrong with a product like air freshener sprays, candles and solids, considering the amount of advertising backing them. The problem is the same as that with many other commonly used products: insufficient testing. An ingredient that has not been tested to determine its toxicity is treated like a benign ingredient-the truth is that a little investigation may reveal some alarming information.
Recently a bit of attention was given to the ingredients in air fresheners, and though there has been nothing conclusive, it is looking bad for scented sprays, oils, candles and solids. Walgreens was so concerned by the initial findings that they've pulled their brand name air fresheners from the shelves.
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