What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Foreign Shared Hosting
What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Foreign Shared Hosting?
  In recent years, with the continuous development of the economic and trade globalization, many domestic enterprises become to focus on the foreign trade domain. However, if you want to establish the overseas website, maybe the foreign shared hosting is exactly in need. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages that the foreign shared hosting may own? Below, we will go into the detailed information today.
  The Advantages of the Foreign Shared Hosting
  Compared with the domestic hosting plan, the most obvious advantage of the foreign shared hosting is no backup needed.
  Due to the mature market, proven room maintenance and high stability, the American shared hosting gradually wins itself the first place in overseas web hosting.
  The foreign shared hosting does not exist the phenomenon that the telecom provider could not work well with the web provider, just like China Telecom is interconnected but not intercommunicated with China Netcom in Mainland China, so you can access your shared hosting with two lanes, which finally ensures you a relatively fast access speed.
  The Disadvantages of the Foreign Shared Hosting
  But due to the no backup needed and loose network supervision of the foreign shared hosting, so many gray industries and illegal websites have been popping up. So, when using the shared hosting which shares its IP address between the foreign and domestic users, the customer can easily be impacted by the punished website with the same IP. Therefore, we recommend you better choosing the web hosting plan with the dedicated IP address.
  Language Communication & After-sales Service
  Absolutely, the largest client base of the overseas shared hosting is foreign users, so the inland foreign trade enterprises may enchanter the difficulty in communication with them. Even though there are many official websites and after-sales services have been setting up by those foreign service providers, but the intercommunication upon the multiple hosting functions would possibly be affected all the time. So, if you can not solve the predicament with the provider in time, how can the problem be solved then?
  In general, the foreign and domestic shared hosting can not be the perfect ones neither. But, as for the hometown website owners engaging in the foreign trade, you may firstly consider the Hong Kong web hosting, which not only obsesses various merits of the overseas shared hosting, but also owns the fast access speed. Moreover, the closer proximity between Hong Kong and China also brings this city some edges over other options. It seems that you can easier acquire the immediate and efficient technical support from your provider.

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