What are the goals of website structure optimization
What are the goals of website structure optimization?
  Advice to webmaster, baidu search engine are considered in design of the web is the user, rather than search engines, forever will give top priority to the user experience, the proposal for many seoer in mind to do anything with the user is given priority to, please the user‘s favorite, pay more and more attention to the value of the content, do a good job in “content is king”, this is a happy big rush things, but will let the novice seoer ignore the other side of the website optimization, structure optimization, and ignore the content is based on good site structure, there’s not a good structure, it is a good dry also can sink, not by the spider crawl, so do the website structure optimization is the precondition of normal development site, do not pick up the sesame lost watermelon, rule for content, completes the website structure optimization can also improve the user experience, can make websites thrive.
  Website structure optimization
  Website structure optimization several objectives.
  1. User experience
  User experience, in plain terms, is the user to access a web site to find information they want without thinking, using the web search engines for quality white paper is website accessibility and browsing experience, accessibility: baidu search engine will be opened from normal and access restrictions, effectiveness judge web accessibility, browsing experience: the user wants to see a clean, easy to read web pages, typesetting, advertising too much will affect the user to the main content of a web page, a good user experience can smile pour a man city.
  2. Increased inclusion
  Web page included largely depend on the good site structure, seoer often say, web page on the front page, click on the links to all three to four times to the home page, this is a good site navigation, bread crumbs navigation clear navigation, is to increase the spiders crawl to increase the collection site, many websites columns page not included is probably because no entrance to the weight is too low, lead to a spider climb take.
  3. Reasonable weight
  Nofollow is most webmasters use, and use Nofollow is in order to avoid unnecessary weight was dispersed, and the website structure optimization is also in order to better weight distribution is reasonable, high conversion rate of the important pages to get more weight, in order to gain better ranking, gain more traffic, rather than stay in the side watching the required or optional page, so seoer practitioners to conscious planning good website all pages important degree, the best advantage.
The structure of website helps the users to find out the information that they want in very fast and possible way.It should be made easy for search engine so that they can crawl website and provide them with different signals.It understands that what the website is all about and also to convince the bots.

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