What are the ways to Change IP ?
I require expert's help in providing me any valuable information regarding the possible ways to Change IP
One of my friends recommended me to try what is my ip solutions?
Do you think a proxy server is the solution?
To do change in IP address is depends if you have static or dynamic IP. Also, depends if you want to change your internal IP (inside your home/work network) or external (how you will be seen on the Internet).
When it comes to the external IP address you can easily change it by using the following methods.

1. You can use VPN or proxy and connect to a foreign or remote server and check your IP you will find that your IP is changed.
Use VPN networks like ordVPN, PandaVPN and PlexVPN.
2. Identify and connect to the different WiFi networks every time, you will get a different IP address for every time.
3. You can off and restart your mobile, which will get you a different IP address.
4. You can use the TOR browser for different IP addresses.

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