What browser are you using?
I use internet explorer and the beta version of safari for windows.
I've got IE 7 and Firefox on everything. I use firefox on the laptop and IE7 on the desktops. I like them both tho9ugh I am generally partial to IE.
I love Firefox, sure does works fine and fast for me.
Firefox 3.6.17 works good to me. I don't like the new version since I have so many SEO tools and plugins that I am using.
I like IE9 and Opera 11.50.
Both are good in browsing and speed. Their download managers are perfect for broad band.
i like google chrome Smile
I'm using firefox for regular browsing, Internet explorer for financial issues and chrome for video entertainment only especially youtube.
internet explorer and firefox
and like opera
I use Safari for the most part. I just recently checked out a really interesting browser called RockMelt but it was a bit to invasive. It was great because everything was grouped into one easy to use browser like social networks, email, news websites, online friends etc. But in order for the browser to effectively work you have to be willing to sign over every bit of privacy you had left...Not for me. But if you don't have any problems with caring about privacy it is the best browser by far.
Chrome is my favorite browser!!!

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