What does web navigation mean
What does web navigation mean?
  In general, the website‘s column, article classification, “your current position” is called website navigation.
  Purpose of website navigation:
  Tell the visitor the main content and function of the website.
  Tell your visitors the location of their site.
  Tell visitors about the pages they’ve visited.
  Pages visited by this site, links to purple.
  How to optimize SEO?
  Add a line of keywords to the footer and point to the corresponding page.
  For example, the SEO of the footer of this website points to the homepage, and if necessary, you can also add “SEO purpose” to the list page.
  Use this technique when your main keyword is not in the site navigation.
  If more standard, the location of this article should be: SEO》 website navigation and link 》 site navigation how SEO optimization?
  The first link points to the home page with the main keyword of the website, the second link points to the category page with the keyword of the category, and the third part does not add the link, displaying the title of the article.
  Link anchor text should be added as needed in the article.
Web navigation is the section of user interface that intended to aid the visitors for accessing information. With navigation, the website can appear in unorganized manner. This tool is clear indication that your website is filled with the knowledge and depth.
Web Navigation is nothing but navigating the network of information resources in World Wide Web, which is organised in the form of hypertext.
Navigation is often taken for granted, but it plays a crucial role in getting site visitors to view more than just the home page.
Well website navigation is just path to dive the visitors further in your website to visit your business services. In general web structures there are 2 navigation space header and footer area. Cheers
Not all navigating tabs correspond to actual tabs in Chrome's UI, e.g., a tab that is being pre-rendered. Such tabs are not accessible via the tabs API nor can you request information about them via webNavigation.getFrame or webNavigation.getAllFrames . Once such a tab is swapped in, an onTabReplaced event

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