Poll: Which styme do you prefer
Style 1 (fluid)
Style 2 (fixed)
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What is your opinion on the design

We have two designs, and as the site has grown, one might be better than the other. Since this is a community, I would appreciate your input as to which you prefer.

1. Here is a fluid version:

2. Here is the current default, a fixed version:

please vote as to which you prefer and if you want post a comment explaining why.

Let's help build this community together!
I like the current one.
The current one has sides and gives a better visual effect than the other one.
I am a bigger fan of fluid templates myself. So I am going to have to go with the first option.
The other one looks too wide.
for a usability perspective:

fixed looks more catered to my eyespan and i can read quickly.

fluid takes longer to read.
I voted for the fluid version which I notice has created a 50/50 split in the vote lol.
What's your decision ...can't be based on the vote!
there! i broke the tie.
ha ha
I didn't know we had a tie going!
One complaint I might add is that I sometimes have trouble finding the breadcrumb navigation. Since I use a lot of Vbulletin forums and I like to use them to navigate back, but here I am always looking all over the place. They just don't feel like they are in a natural spot or obscured. I am not 100% sure what it is, I just know every time I go for them, I have to search around.

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