What's the deal with .MOBI
I don't understand what the whole big mess is about with this extention. And, why is it 4 letters long? And why is it mandatory 2 year registration, no matter where you go?
I have no idea, and I have never seen it... but, I guess that pretty soon it would be the suffix for stuff for MOBILE PHONES... maybe those websites will have some specific traffic from cell phones... Hmm... maybe that could be a way of investing and producing stuff... the iPhone is coming out soon and I'm sure that could be a very proffitable market.
I don't understand why a pda or mobile phone can't be detected by a .COM website and serve appropriate content. Why even have a specialized tld. The world may never know. Smile

PS: I wish I had sold flowers.mobi!
Well, for me .mobi are too expensive and useless too. They cost a bunch of money and well, who would make a website for mobiles? I think that the normal internet market is much, much more bigger than the mobile market, don't you think?
How much does it cost anyway?

I really am not interested in registering one. I just want to know why it's becoming popular.
It's just the latest top level domain. Just take the dot-coms... you can't find any 5 letter domains anymore... 4 or 3 or 2 are thousands of dollars to own. It's like real estate. It's the new frontier, and people jump on it and register short domain names with new extentions. Then theyturn around and sell it for more.

I think dot-mobi will be used a lot for iPhone traffic. So there's something to think about!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, that it costs as little as $14.95 per year to register at godaddy. (2 year minimum)
Yes but near a .com and others it's expensive! But yeah they might sell it for more in a few years time perhaps, but still the mobile market won't get that big as the normal market Smile
Who knows, tcm, who knows.

Next thing you know everyone will have an iPhone or iSomething and only use a desktop for pr0n or something, lol.
The market for internet mobile phones is unpredictable. Anything can happen. But I think it will be huge, because there are many expectations with the new iPhone. There is already another phone that is kind of an iPhone copy, saw the picture on another site, so I have the feeling that DOT.MOBI could be huge. Again, developing one site to sell ringtones, for example, videos or even music can become very proffitable. And maybe making very simple sites for DOT.MOBI can be even better. Hmm, I'll check it out with my partner and see what he thinks about this!
I just registered ALLiPHONETONES.COM!

It's the best I could do at this time.

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