What would YOU do?
Hello guys (& gals?)

What would you do if you discovered an unused, rarely used word in domain names? What if you discovered that you could append or prepend any word and it would work? Well my friends, I have found one such word.

The question is.. now what?

Do I buy up some keyword rich domains with my new word? keywordMYWORD.com MYWORDkeyword.com keepMYWORDhandy.com ETC.

I just don't know what to do.

So, what would YOU do? The unused but powerful word is 6 letters long, contains 2 vowels.
If you think it has serious potential and believe in it then I would take a gamble. It sounds like you have done your research. Interested to hear what others have to say.
I'd sure like to register a few choice keywords like: GAMES ARCADE CODES FREE FORUM, but I don't have unlimited money.

This word isn't the next big thing, but it's good enough imho.

Hey, what's a good name for a free download site? BASEMENT? DATABASE?
For a download site - COLLECTION? STUFF? ALLTHIS? ATTIC, for that matter!

Hope you get what you're trying for Smile
Look, it's like anything in terms of a start-up. Do your research, find out the true demand and your returns and that's the deal. Good luck with it - hey what is it? J/k
If you think it has potential you can take the gamble. If you are unable to sell it, you can try desigining a website, or even using a turnkey one, get the PR up and then it will still sell above what you paid for it.
You make it sound like a "Win, Win" situation with the domains. Selling it after upgrading it for more money than you paid for it. That's not a bad scenario.
There are no guarantees in the internet world of domains except that there is a limited number of dot com possibilities out there. Like land, there can only be so many. Of course, there are other extensions to be had, but dot com still seems like the favorite.
When it comes to dot.com speculating, your best bet is look for beginning trends or fads that can possibly take off on the net.
look at search data... plug in your keywords in the overture tool and see what comes back

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