Whats your income of parking domains?
I tried it once but didnt get much.
How much you guys earn from parking a domain? Is that enough for renew the domain from one year income?
Hi deelip,
I am also having my domains park at several PPC company like SEDO, goldkey, namedrive. However, those domians that I am parking are all new domains, thus there is very little traffic received. So far I have yet to really enjoy good return on them.

Fortunately, I am able to re-coup the registration fees spend on these domains. But I am likely to let some of them just drop when they expired. I intend to keep only about half of them which I have developed into site.

I think it is like an experiment to me. In fact, when I was fisrt stepping into online venture, domain parking was the very first attempt for me trying to earn some money thru internet. But as time passed, I learn that there are so much channels and options apart from domain parking. It is a journey that never end for me. On-goingly I am exploring more opportunities and continue to digg on them as I come across.:p
OK. Thats was also my first attempt to get money from internet when i entered online world. My friend told me so easily that only registering domain a parking somewhere gives you lots of money. I registered my first domain and parked that to sedo. But thats not good like my friend said.
It would be so silly if my another friend didnt suggest me to make a simple site. Now i am making about 20$ from adsense per month by a forum with that domain.
I have one domain that gets me about $20.00 a month. The rest of my parked domains probably equal that as well. Really not making much off parked domains right now.
20.00$ per month is great i think.
Btw whats the domain?
deelip Wrote:20.00$ per month is great i think.
Btw whats the domain?

Ancient chinese secret. I can't reveal the name right now because if I did it would reveal something that might hurt my business. I am working on securing similar domains, and need to do that before I go public.

Sorry. Sad
Ok. Its ok if you want to keep it secret.
So, overall if you have a new domain, parking not necessarily going to make you money. So, what is the best way of going about making money with new domain and the easiest/cheapest way?
Thankx guys for the info. I was wondering about this . Echos
It seems like you can't make money anymore with domain parking unless you've already got money because all the traffic-getting names are sold. Even if you have money, you'd have to spend enough to make it worth it to the seller which means you aren't going to make much unless you also spend the effort by developing the domain into a site.

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