Whats your income of parking domains?
I have a typo domain.
I bought it from an auction some months ago. It is making 3$ per month.
Its quite better than previous.
This is good to know. I have never quite understood, though, do you have to get your own traffic to go through that parked domain and have their clicks to make income? Do the parking services provide you with the traffic. My hardest job is promotion and I usually put all my energy into it when I am doing it, so I wouldn't be spending my time developing the domain. You have to take some to be giving it somewhere else, if you know what I mean.
Now I'm wondering which is better for undeveloped domains...

1.) Park it
2.) Put some crappy content and fill it with PPC. You're visitors might get dizzy and click your links. Haha.

I always park my undeveloped sites. I never considered #2.
I've only thought of getting the domain to develop the site. But I have actually never thought of getting it and just park it. Of course I am an idealist that thinks that this could actually make a lot of money! But the more I read and find out, the more I realize that it takes really hard work to get the job done and see at least a little money. Some days I think I'm disappointed, but I think it is worth continuing!
I've gotten SO VERY LITTLE money from my parked domains at fabulous, sedo, etc. It pays to develop. Your $6 domain purchase - at the least - will get paid for!
Wow it seems like from some of the responses that there isn't money in parked domain. I was consider to get into that market but I guess it isn't easy to just parked your domains and collecting the money.
Well I heard that you can make some serious buck from this, I mean domain parking, can't really understand the concept. Well if you earn good, I might try it Smile. So you think it's better not developing a website and park it? or better develop it?
I didn't know you can make money from a parked domain...good to know that such a thing is possible
Yeah I read this on the other forum (littlefranciscan you know for what I'm referring to) because neither me knew that I could do any money from a parked domain, but still would it earn you more money if you develop that domain or sell it?
littlefranciscan Wrote:I didn't know you can make money from a parked domain...good to know that such a thing is possible

Well I didnt know either until I looked up parked domain on google and I was looking to find information of how to buy domains and then I came across you cam able to make money by parked them.

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