Whats your income of parking domains?
Basically, parking is a service offered by many hosting companies for free, or a small monthly charge that places ads related to your domain to receive the highest CTR. You get paid a certain % based on your agreement from clicks. Its good when you have a domain sitting around doing nothing.
Some owners are making some good cash off of just parked their domains and some arent making any money.
Sophie Wrote:$0.00.

Oh, I'm such a loser.

Not so, my parked domain equaled yours. We're tied.
Many of our parked names don't make anything, some get traffic every so often with no clicks. One of our parked names gets a lot of traffic but not many clicks, so we are trying to figure out what is bringing the web surfers there and then monetize it with keywords accordingly.
In the last month, my domain parking service only received a click which is worth 0.01Eur.

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