When's the next PR update?
So, what happened with every body's page rank? How you guys did? Is it out already? I guess it should be! I am still not ranked with my blogs, but it is ok. I need to work on them anyway, and I just got back from vacation.
PR is still not updated.

Some rumors are going around that google removed PR but I don't think that's the case. We just have to wait but I think it's going to happen soon cause the backlinks are already updated.
My PR 4 site was downgraded to a PR3
Jayesh Wrote:Last PR update was on 19 April and PR updates every 3 months. So next PR update may be 19-20 July. Big Grin

finally, i've found one concrete answer on when does google update page ranks.
the most recent update happened just a week ago -- last week of october.
so yeah, i believe it takes place once every 3 months Wink
Thanks for sharing Annerz.
The update generally happens around every 3 months. Good luck with the next update! Wink

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