Which Logo Should I Choose?
LOGOS: http://name-search.org/logos.htm
SITE: (Will look different, see for content): http://www.citylinkpcs.com.au/ ... & ... http://www.citylinkpcs.com.au/store/

This is my technology products site, at the moment it looks awful! I am in the process of giving it a new look, the layout and graphics will be changed to accommodate the new logo incorporating the same look for both the main part of the site & the store.

My main focus is branding, I want people to instantly recognize my site by the logo design, setting it apart from other tech sites by design and style.

Thanks for all recommendations. I have numbered the logos, please let me know which one/s you like the best and please tell me how I should change the logo/s to make them look better. For example you may like logo #10 but don't like the heavy shadowing that goes with it.

Cheers for helping me choose, I just can't make my mind up Smile
I like th first logo, even though orange isn't my favorite color. I am going to keep you in mind because I might need a new logo myself!
I like the second one, I feel it is more compatible with your site.
Im not familiar with the site you have mentioned I designed my logo recently by making use of this site http://www.tucktail.com/tt/website-tonight/ & got nice solution .Its very beneficial & good in service , if you wanna design the logo as per your wish by make use of this site & gain solution
the fist one is fine Smile cheers!
i think first logo is better

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