Which is Better Between Independent IP and Shared IP China Shared Hosting
In order to attract more customers, many China shared hosting service providers are exaggerating to launch their own independent China shared hosting, which will inevitably lead to misunderstandings. But is it really the case? Below, let‘s make the misunderstanding.
  The first mistake : independent IP safer than Shared IP, will not be affected by other IP website have been attacked, but the fact is really such, everyone knows a China shared hosting is on a server through shared technology allocated a space, even if the distribution of each space has an independent fixed IP but they still run on a server, which as long as there is a space that IP is attacked other may also be affected, so whether it’s with independent IP or Shared IP with other sites on the server was unable to avoid.
  The second mistake: independent IP is more conducive to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), said that although has its own reason, but there are also a lot of prejudice, there is no denying that the independent IP relative to the Shared IP is slightly better, but not as much as you think, and especially now that some of the low price with independent IP space are some IP segment itself is garbage said don‘t boost ranking may also share the IP, followed by some independent IP said IP different but are on the same period, the same segment on the stand actually is much less than the different IP segment, and independent IP service providers are generally buy a segment is very difficult for you to provide different IP section, so from this point also can greatly reduce independent IP with the advantages of Search Engine Optimization 。
  The third mistake: independent IP is much cheaper, I can clearly tell you the independent IP can’t be cheaper than Shared IP, excessively cheap first independent IP is the IP segment in unsafe IP segment, or called spam IP segment these IP segment tend to be cheap, but also on the quality of a production server do not good, only in this way can be cheap, so generally good independent IP, such as the space of 100 nets are expensive, on the market price is in 100 yuan of independent IP space basically see meaning not to consider, if it has quality problems everyday, Baidu is not included do stand also does not make sense.

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