Whois record
Do you prefer to keep your identity on whois annonymous or not? I can see why people don't want their personal information there, but I have found it very useful for getting correspondence information.
First first ever site was registered with public whois data, but I got some spam emails and phone calls making me sick, some body claims to be the ownder of site and threatning me that you own the name illegly and some one asking for sale price of that domain. I just suck with those and then transfer it to private.
I prefer Privacy Services be in place.

I know that I'm frustrated when I can't view the WHOIS on a site when I want to, but I understand the reasoning for doing so. I'm tired of receiving letters in the mail asking for me to transfer my site to another registrar at enormous cost.
i would like to expose myself in whois category hence it is a proper thing to do and have some right recognation on net .I first intriduced through apnic website and since that time i prefer every user other than spam to expose !
I have no problem with having my information available in the WHOIS... however, I am readily findable on the internet, anyway!
i think all are in favoure of exposing themselves but who are donot want to ?
I cant understand this dilema who are they and why they dont want >
May be spammers but whaty is problem in that hence spammers are spammers and hiding their whois does not help a lot
I also have no problem displaying my info in whois, I have nothing to hide. Wink
I always go anonymous now. I had some juvenile cause me all sorts of unneeded grief, so I simply keep it private.

Realize if you ever had it public and made it private, the information will still show up as some sites cache all that data and sell access to it.
There are negative effects to public whois data:

Besides spam, there is always the possibility of identity theft. Leaving your full name, phone number and address open to the public can cause problems down the road if that information gets into the wrong hands.

You should note that this is a minimal risk, and the probability of such a thing happening is very low (especially to you in particular, since there are millions of whois records in the database).

You can always do what was suggested above and get a privacy service..

But remember that there are also positive effects:

If you are selling your domain, and dont have contact info on the website that it points to, whois makes it easy for potential buyers to contact you.
I use privacy on some sites, not on others. It depends on the type of site. I don't worry too much about identity theft or general mischief, as the risk is fairly low and I have a high tolerance for mischief. But the type of service offered on some of my sites does lead me to go private with those, as I only want people contacting me int he specified manner, not at my personal life address.

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