Why Do Some Companies SHow All Info In Dns and Others Don't
After reading this, I guess it is worth paying for the privacy! Specially if one wants to develop the site and wants to avoid problems with black-mailing. My problem is, I still can't imagine why someone would like to damage a little domain!
I mean, I know for example about this 17 year old kid that hacked some of the government websites in Venezuela, including the website for the Vice-President, and the kid put up pictures of Chavez in drag (photoshop, of course) kissing Fidel Castro. It was funny as hell, since he did it over the new years, when everybody was on vacation and they couldn't get to fixing them until 3 days later! But I can't see something like that on a little website.
well without privacy you can find your inbox full of spam and unrecignised emails asking for redicilous things like viagra, sex etc.
Getting Privacy might be a good idea but these days most domain companies dont show there users email address as a text , but they format it into image so you dont get that much spam as earlier
Relly, they can? I thought if it is once entered , into any data base, you can retrive it . I am not familar with WHOIS?
echos Wrote:Relly, they can? I thought if it is once entered , into any data base, you can retrive it . I am not familar with WHOIS?

Try this site whois.sc. Type domainsocial.com there and you'll see that it's owned by Zach.

You can hide your details by paying for Private Domain Name Registration.
having private domain nameregistrations doesn't mean that you didnt have to submit your own credentials to hosting firms, they hold them for their personal records and replace your viewable contents with their default ones like they assign you unique email to recieve offers about that domain and vice virsa
The private companies seem better. At least you get some information that is held back. It seems like two extremes with this subject.

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